‘Another Mother’s Day’ – Shirley Frimpong-Manso’s piece on childlessness

Movie producer and director Shirley Frimpong-Manso has written an article for Mothers’ Day. This article is on the theme of childlessness and expresses the feelings of women with no children of their own. Titled ‘Another Mother’s Day’, it tells a story of a woman who had to listen to her friend, Abba, gush over her motherhood journey and the gift she received on the Day.

Shirley Frimpong-Manso’s piece got her applause from her followers. Mothers who were impressed with the Producer’s thoughts said they prayed women struggling for children of their own have their wish fulfilled.

One fan wrote, “I am all teary reading this piece, keep the faith, yours is on the way. I am a living testimony to that. I went through hell for 13years and finally God smiled at me . I have a son, I am a mother so my dear, TIMES AND SEASONS! SHALLOM.”

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